Angela is a scientist with strong writing skills. She has the ability to work well under pressure and with efficiency and accuracy. She is also a team player with positive attitude, warm heart and willingness to help others. Angela has offered services to proof-read our scientific publication and to edit our job posters. The scientific article has been accepted by the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. I strongly endorse Angela.
JingQi Huang
Executive Director, Pharmaron


I had the opportunity to work with Angela many times. She is a hard worker, very dedicated, productive and focused.  Angela definitely delivers above expectations in terms of organizational skills as I have seen plan meetings and work-related tasks.  It’s always been a pleasure to work with Angela as she is dynamic and very helpful.  She recently helped me with the writing of an assignment.  She did an excellent job and very efficient too!
Chantal Savoie
Research Biologist


Having worked with Angela, I can say that she is incredibly resourceful and articulate. She has years of experience in a high pressure, fast paced Pharmaceutical environment allowing her to complete her work with the highest of standards while meeting even the tightest deadlines. She is an extremely skilled writer, as well as a delightfully friendly, collaborative co-worker.
Patsy Clark
In Vivo Pharmacologist, Merck Frosst


Angela has an exceptional ability to find and extract relevant information and to put it in context. Her writing is concise, easy to understand and follow. It is always a pleasure to work with her.
Radmila Day


Angela's presentations are clear, concise and visually appealing. Angela prepares great graphs that summarize the data well. She draws accurate conclusions based on a thorough understanding of the scientific results. Angela is respectful of deadlines, very collaborative and a pleasure to work with.
Deena Waddleton
Research Biologist, Merck Frosst


Angela has a strong background in cellular and molecular biological techniques, a comprehensive knowledge of the preclinical drug development process and expertise in the therapeutic areas of inflammation, diabetes and obesity. She is an excellent team player with the ability to clearly communicate data in both written form and slide presentations.
Zheng Huang
Preclinical Drug Development Consultant


I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working with Angela for several years.  Angela has always approached her work in a methodical, thorough and efficient manner with a strong desire for an in-depth understanding of every issue.  Angela's exceptionally friendly, approachable and thoughtful personality means she is always willing to help out when asked, providing valuable support and advice.  Her communication skills are exceptional with her presentations and reports always being clear, concise and informative.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her talents.
Dita Rasper
Research Biologist


I had the opportunity to work with Angela for more than 10 years on several common research projects. Angela is a very good team player always ready to share her strong knowledge in cellular and molecular biology but also her writing skills by proof-reading colleague’s presentations. Angela is a very enthusiastic and respectful colleague and it was a pleasure to be part of her team.
Jocelyne G.
Research Associate in Chemistry/Biochemistry.


I have worked with Angela on several projects. She very quickly gets up-to-speed on new topics and is very resourceful in finding information in the scientific literature as well as from other sources. Angela shows great enthusiasm and dedication to each project assigned to her. She is very easy to work with and delivers high-quality work in a timely fashion.
Joe DC
Mental Health Professional

Expertise in searching for data in the scientific
literature and preparing the data to be clearly
communicated through the written word or
through presentations.
Angela is a scientist with strong writing skills. She has the ability to work well under pressure and with efficiency and accuracy.
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